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But what do you mean you don’t like me.

One of the hardest lessons in life to learn is that not everybody will like you. 

This is a life lesson that couldn’t have come any quicker for me – its a lesson I’ve also struggled with at times. I like to think that I am a friendly, kind, caring person, who has a big heart, however sometimes there are parts of my personality that just don’t sit well with others.

Sometimes I rub people up the wrong way, offend people without meaning to, and sometimes people just don’t warm to me. But learning and accepting this – as hard as it is – has changed the way I think about other people and life. It has meant that I don’t spend every spare minute of my time (not that I ever get a spare minute) over thinking and analysing every aspect of other peoples actions to gage why they perhaps don’t like me.

Why is it that we care so much?

Each of us can not possibly like every person we meet – so why do we find it so inconceivable that we may not be liked by someone else? We place far to much emphasis on what other people think about us, and give far to much power to those around us.

Why do we care about people looking at us when we walk into the room? why do we always assume the whispering that we can hear is about us? And even if it is – why do we care? The people that we know and love, know and love us back. Those, are who we should concern ourselves with. It is those peoples opinions that matter.

While I am not suggesting that we stop trying, stop caring if we are nice to each other, and stop worrying about offending people – I am merely suggesting that there are those who will never be pleased by anything that we do – and it is those people, that we need to move on from. 

At the end of the day, one person not liking you should not bare any impact on your life – (unless of course that person is your mother in law.. that could be problematic 🙂

This also goes for others judging us. Why should we care if others chose to judge us harshly, if others chose to believe their own truths. As long as you live loyal to what you believe in, then there should be no concern with what others think about us. 

But the same can be said for each and every one of us. We need to remember whilst judging others, are we perfect? Are there things about ourselves that we would change? We need to be kinder, be realistic, and understand we are all different

We need to have faith in ourselves, be kind, gracious of others, but also be accepting that not everyone feels the same way we do. 

If we can care less about others thoughts and more about embracing our own – then the world would be a happier place…


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