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Friday Favourites!

Missed last weeks – so lets make this weeks awesome!!

1. Getting a hand written letter in the mail or any type of parcel in the mail

2. Finding money in your winter jacket from last season

3.  Witnessing something extraordinary

4. A rainbow after a storm

5. Actually the storm as well

6. A hot shower with amazing pressure

7. Finding something in the back of your wardrobe that you haven’t worn in forever!!

8. Getting together with extended family – can and normally is hectic and unpredictable, but some of my best memories are from moments spent with my direct and extended family

9. Waking up to your cat or dogs face – that look of excitement that you’r finally awake, and the love in their eyes nawww 🙂

10. Waking up after a stressful week and having nothing to do, No homework, No work, Nothing planned – it is the most relaxing and stress free feeling in the world

So here are my ten for the week – I’m starting to really have to think about these – so please comment people and tell me your favourite things – and I will do a readers Friday Favourites!!!

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Friday Favourites!!

Here we go again – another Friday, another list of favourites

1. The smell of fresh rain.

2. Talking to a friend on the phone for hours.

3. Pretty much any One Direction song. (Lame I know 🙂 )

4.  The sound of rain on a tin roof

5. The sound of thunder rolling in before a big storm (think theres a theme emerging here)

6. Getting caught in a sun shower – the water and warmth is so amazing!!

7. Splashing in puddles like a kid

8. Climbing a tree

9. Patterns and prints on nails

10. An awesome find at an op shop or second hand thrift store (nothing beats a preloved bargain)


Hope some of you have tried these and if not – get going! They will brighten your day!! 🙂

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Friday favourites!

Let’s see what wonderful things I can come up with today!!

1. Cocooning yourself inside a blanket on a cold day.

2. Taking your shoes off in the car after a long day – and massaging them on the pedals (it is simple the greatest feeling ever).

3. Setting yourself a challenge and surprising yourself by succeeding.

4. Sleeping all day.

5. Knowing the most trivial fact about the most trivial things.

6. Taking time out of your day to listen to someone and give them a worthy piece of advice that you know is going to help them.

7. Being brave enough to ask a question in a classroom or board room – and getting the answer you’ve been waiting for.

8. Knowing that you are right – but not sinking to someone else’s level to argue about it.

9. Really knowing who you are, and accepting that.

10. Not having to set and alarm clock for the next morning.


Don’t know if these ones were as great as the last friday favourites but have a great day everyone!!

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Fridays favourites!

The beginning of the list. Fridays Favourites if you will. I’ll try and post 10 things each Friday that I love. If you have never experienced some of them – get on board and try them asap!! You won’t regret it!!

1. Walking barefoot in the grass/sand

2. Listening to someone else win something on the radio (I love to hear them cry with joy!!)

3. Driving along on an otherwise cold day and the sun shining in your window onto your face and it being so hot that you feel like you’re going to get sunburnt

4. The feeling of achievement when you’ve finished a really tough gym session

5. Watching old TV shows – like the LoveBoat 🙂

6. Fields full of yellow canola

7. Driving alone and singing at the top of your lungs – and then someone catching you rocking out

8. Ciders on a Sunday in the sun

9. Finishing work early

10. Having something to save for like a holiday, or clothing – and then getting it

What are your Friday Favourites? help me find more things to add to my friday favourites!!!

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