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Friday Favourites

It’s that time of the week again people!!! 🙂

1. Catching up with an old friend

2. Waking up and realising that you get to go back to sleep for a few hours before your alarm goes off

3. Getting results back on an assignment and doing better than you thought

4. Getting your pay after a hard week at working – and knowing that it was worth it

5. After being sick – the day yo wake up healthy and completely appreciate being well

6. Winning $2 on a scratchy and not cashing it in, instead buying another scratchy

7. Paying off and picking up a lay-by that you have been wiring for

8. New shoes

9. Smelling beautiful flowers as you walk past someones garden

10. Walking past a stranger and them smelling amazing (its not creep its one of the joys of life)


Thats my ten for this week guys – send me some of yours!!!

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