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We’ve all seen a pretty sunset right??

We all love a good sunset. But how many of us actually get to see magical sunsets on a regular basis?

Thankfully I was lucky enough to be ‘stuck’ on an island for a few weeks with nothing much else to do but admire the sunrise and sunsets.

For me – it’s more than just the visual appeal. It’s the feeling, the thoughts that come with such a beautiful sight.

I imagine a couple somewhere (young or old) looking up at the same sky. I think of all the other people across the country, the world, sharing that moment with me. A free moment, no matter who you are.

There’s never two the same, and I think thats the attraction – you’re always going to be seeing something new and fresh.

Sunrises and sunsets can mean so many things to so many different people – there is no right or wrong way to feel about a sunset – we all experience them in our own ways.

Next time your driving at sunset, pull over for a few minutes and appreciate the natural beauty in front of you – you’ll feel better for it.

(these photos are not stolen – they were either taken by me or friends of mine)

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Reach Out Volunteers Cambodian Program

This is 2 weeks of the month long program I participated in

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April 9, 2012 · 1:10 pm