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The pink elephant in the room….FAT

A much fatter world is upon us. In a study by the Australian Government in 2006 it was shown that over 60% of adults were over weight or obese. A number I’m sure has only risen since then. There are no words for such a result. We are meant to be the active country, the one who loves a healthy lifestyle, our sport, the beaches and all that goes along with that.

But apparently not so much.

It’s not that I’m hating on ‘fat’ people, nor am I suggesting that everybody doesn’t have the right to be comfortable in their skin just the way they are. But rather I’m expressing my concern for the weight problems the world over.

The only reason I feel even somewhat qualified to make comment on this subject is because at one point I was ‘fat’. Having lost a substantial amount of weight, with still a considerable amount to go, I understand how easy it is to let go, enjoy food a little too much, and not want to get off the couch. I also understand how difficult it is to lose weight, how to make those first changes, how to manage a hectic schedule and how to try and maintain a healthy lifestyle even though you want that piece of cake!!

What worries me, is more and more people feel quite ok with living an unhealthy lifestyle and do not see the harm in it.   Have people not realised that in this day and age obesity has overtaken smoking as the leading cause of preventable deaths?

Yet – day in day out – we hear the complaints about smoking and how people are actively killing themselves (now don’t get me wrong I have lost too many people to cancer to ever consider smoking to be a personal choice – as far as I’m concerned outlaw them, keep raising the prices) but what I am saying, is that when we complain about someone being fat and inactive, we are seen as the horrible people, who should be tiptoeing around the ‘pink elephant’ in the room, that is FAT.

Why can’t we call it like we see it? At some point there is no excuse for being too fat. I’ve heard them all, and used most of them, things like : It’s just too hard, Nothing works, I don’t have the time, I’m big boned, I’m doing everything right but not getting results, I need more food than that. At the end of the day we are only lying to ourself. Unless there is an actual injury preventing you from doing physical activity, or some extraordinary reason that you need to consume so much of the wrong foods – then I cannot think of any excuse good enough to put your health at such risk.

I understand that it is hard – but coming from a fat person at heart – there really is no excuse, all you need is a little support. I’m not saying in the form of a mentor or someone you pay lots of money to ‘care’ about your weight-lose or healthy lifestyle journey. But someone who genuinely cares, not because they have to but because they want to, and the funny thing is that will generally come from someone at your local gym – all you have to do is make that first step in the door.

For me I was lucky – I had a family member willing to work out beside me, willing to push me when I didn’t want to push myself. But I also found at my local gym a trainer, who whilst I couldn’t afford to pay for personal training session, was happy to share his knowledge, words of wisdom, helpful hints or words of encouragement that I needed at the time. And whilst he may not think that he played a large part in my weight-lose to date, the times that I spent working out in his classes laid the most solid foundations for my work out ethics, and showed me that I could push myself to new lengths. Not to be afraid of a little hard work and sweat, that a bit of pain wasn’t going to kill me, that in fact it was my friend.

And before people start wanting to linch me and throw pitch forks at me for having such a black and white opinion regarding being over weight, just remember I was overweight. I am currently still TRYING to lose weight. I am currently still clocking up the miles on the treadmill, beating the crap out of a boxing bag and trying to lift my own body weight just to get somewhere. I’m currently trying to eat as clean healthily as possible, to not crash diet and to not binge eat. And to add to all of that – I found out recently that I actually do have a medical condition that hinders weight lose. But yet, If I am to let that be an excuse and a reason to not continue – then I have wasted the 30kilograms that I have lost, and all the hard work put in by others around me to help me get to this point.

I’m not trying to say that we need to force those around us to put down the chips and get up and do something – I completely understand that it is something you have to do and be committed to doing when you are ready, in your own time. If you are forced to do it – it won’t last. Sadly it is all about head space, and being in the right frame of mind to conquer weight-lose and diet issues. But those of us who are to embarrassed to walk into a gym, or keep saying ‘tomorrow’ are never going to get anywhere.

My worst fear was being the biggest, unfit-test in the gym, but isn’t that exactly the point of a gym? To start somewhere? Who cares if there are stronger fitter people there. Trust me they are more than happy to lend you a hand when need be, in fact, they started somewhere to. I’m also and all or nothing type person – so for me If I’m not eating ridiculously healthy, them I’m eating terribly. But it doesn’t have to be like that for other people. Just making a conscious effort to eat ‘better’ than you normally do is a great place to start.

In the end, it’s not about being the fittest person, the skinniest person or the healthiest person in the world. Simply put, it is about being the best version of you that you can be, about setting a good example for those around you and living a long and healthy life. We can’t do all of these things morbidly obese. We need to get our bums up off the couch and do something.

The equation if simple: Good food + Exercise = a healthy body (and a killer rig to boot!!)

So get up, be active, put down the chocolate and soft drink and believe you can do it – because everyone is capable of living a healthy lifestyle NO EXCUSES!!!

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