Friday Favourites!

Missed last weeks – so lets make this weeks awesome!!

1. Getting a hand written letter in the mail or any type of parcel in the mail

2. Finding money in your winter jacket from last season

3.  Witnessing something extraordinary

4. A rainbow after a storm

5. Actually the storm as well

6. A hot shower with amazing pressure

7. Finding something in the back of your wardrobe that you haven’t worn in forever!!

8. Getting together with extended family – can and normally is hectic and unpredictable, but some of my best memories are from moments spent with my direct and extended family

9. Waking up to your cat or dogs face – that look of excitement that you’r finally awake, and the love in their eyes nawww 🙂

10. Waking up after a stressful week and having nothing to do, No homework, No work, Nothing planned – it is the most relaxing and stress free feeling in the world

So here are my ten for the week – I’m starting to really have to think about these – so please comment people and tell me your favourite things – and I will do a readers Friday Favourites!!!

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