Friday favourites!

Let’s see what wonderful things I can come up with today!!

1. Cocooning yourself inside a blanket on a cold day.

2. Taking your shoes off in the car after a long day – and massaging them on the pedals (it is simple the greatest feeling ever).

3. Setting yourself a challenge and surprising yourself by succeeding.

4. Sleeping all day.

5. Knowing the most trivial fact about the most trivial things.

6. Taking time out of your day to listen to someone and give them a worthy piece of advice that you know is going to help them.

7. Being brave enough to ask a question in a classroom or board room – and getting the answer you’ve been waiting for.

8. Knowing that you are right – but not sinking to someone else’s level to argue about it.

9. Really knowing who you are, and accepting that.

10. Not having to set and alarm clock for the next morning.


Don’t know if these ones were as great as the last friday favourites but have a great day everyone!!

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